Armored – Bullet Proof Sentry/Guard Booths

Armor Solutions are suppliers of the ‘Kibo Focus’ permanent and portable Armored - Bullet Proof Sentry Boxes/Guard Houses are available in both standard and bespoke designs and are built to achieve a ballistic resistance in excess of the requirements of NIJ level IV, NATO B7 and EN 1063.
With recent escalations in violence throughout the world, the Kibo Armored – Bullet Proof Sentry Boxes are in high demand, the Sentry Booths provide the Sentries inside with the utmost protection enabling them to carry out their job of keeping you or your building protected at all times. Military forces in NATO have purchased many Kibo Guard Houses to protect key Installations, Headquarters, Barracks, Forward Operating Bases in Operational areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The standard range starts from the Single Man and also comes in 2, 3, and 4-man units designed to accommodate guards who protect government buildings, critical infrastructure, military installations, embassies, VIP residences etc.
A larger multi-occupancy/multi-purpose model is also available and has been used as long-stay guard facilities (when fitted with WCs, kitchens, beds etc.), border posts for police and customs officials, temporary banks, portable command centres, Embassy and ViP Protection, Hotel and Car Park Security and many other special applications that require a higher level of ballistic protection than a standard Non Armored Sentry Booth.

As Standard, all Kibo Booths are fitted with the following:

• Air conditioning
• Flood lights
• Intercoms
• Emergency Evacuation Systems
• Blast-Proof Ventilation

Additional Accessories can be fitted:

• Gun Ports
• CBRNe Air Filtration
• Communication Packs
• Movement and Night vision Equipment
• WC’s
• Kitchens
• Beds
• Any other Accessory the Client requires will be considered

Major International customers include the governments of Australia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, as well as NATO, United Nations, Eulex, US Navy, European Union and the Police Forces of many countries.


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